Our Process

Our excellent delivery process is designed to diligently tease out the best possible solution for your business.

Cosmient [ Labs ]- Our Excellent Delivery Process - Discover & Plan

discover & plan

The discovery and planning phase lays the key foundations on which your solution will be built. Although many people think that the actual design component is the most important part of the website & software development process, it's the discovery and planning phase that ensures your projects future success.


Content & Code

The solution comes to life during the content & coding phase as the design layout acquires its functionality. If it's a website, the design is coded into a completely functional marketing tool or, an exemplary problem solving tool if it's an MVP, mobile app or custom solution. All functionality agreed in the discovery & planning phase is incorporated with a degree of flexibility that enables you to change your mind.

Cosmient [ Labs ] - Our Excellent Delivery Process -Content & Code
Cosmient [ Labs ] - Our Excellent Delivery Process -Review & Launch

Review & Launch

Before 'go live' we ensure your website, MVP, mobile app or custom solution is completely optimised across different devices where applicable. A polished premium experience is provided for the user which is underpinned by a robust back end . A degree of flexibility is provided within our solutions to accommodate the ability to have you, our client make changes yourself or, we can make them for you.

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